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  • I am willing to put in the time and effort to succeed.
  • I understand that to get results I will need to complete at least 5 hours of independent study each week (including homework from school/college).
  • I am ready to take on board feedback that could help me improve.
  • I understand that it may be my study habits as well as my subject knowledge that I might need to work on.

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The initial consultation is a great way to find out more about how online tuition works and whether it is the right thing for you. Here are some of the topics that come up frequently in the initial consultation:

  • How online tuition works.
  • What level of progress/results can be expected.
  • What additional services you can benefit from.
  • How tuition can be tailored to best suit your needs.

Under normal circumstances both the parent/guardian and student would take part in the initial consultation.

Current Availability

  • £35 per hour
  • Minimum engagement time: 60 minutes
Day Time
Monday 09:00–17:00, 20:00-21:00
Tuesday 18:00–21:00
Wednesday 09:00–21:00
Thursday 18:00–21:00
Friday 20:00–21:00
Saturday No availability
Sunday 12:00–21:00

Group Tuition Fees

  • Minimum engagement time: 60 minutes
Students Fees
2 £50 (£25 per student)
3 £60 (£20 per student)
4 £70 (£17.50 per student)
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Mr Chris Hunter

As a head of year at a large comprehensive school, I often get asked by parents if I can recommend a tutor they can trust. For A Level Maths, I always recommend Andy from The A Level Maths Tutor. If you're in need of top quality A Level Maths tuition from someone with a proven track record, look no further.

Chris Hunter, Head of Year, Ashfield School.

Mrs Nivedita J (Parent)

Andy is an excellent Maths Tutor and also a great Mentor. He has made Maths an enjoyable subject for my daughter, who is currently in Sixth Form. Andy provides an excellent, interactive and dynamic approach in his tutoring sessions. He is very organised and teaches to the highest standard. I could not recommend Andy enough!!

Kim Sutcliffe (Parent)

My daughter has been having A Level Maths tuition since October 2020 and feels much more confident in her studies now. She is making great progress and is able to fully understand the concepts taught as Mr Parker explains in detail and works through examples with her using the graphics tablet. She is also able to ask questions when she needs clarification as she feels much more confident doing this one to one.

Her independent work is challenging but not onerous and I am delighted with her progress. The organisation is very professional, clear and comprehensive. I would certainly recommend The A Level Maths Tutor to anyone needing Maths tuition.

Anna Wyatt (Student)

I’ve been having tutoring sessions for the past few months for my alevel maths subject. Not only have my grades improved but also my confidence in lessons when answering questions. Andy offers exam practice and specific topic help which I’ve really found useful.

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